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Public on May 31, 2016

1). An individual loan requires physical collateral and it aims to support any individual who will use the loan to start up or expand business, invest in agriculture production, purchase household, goods or personal items, or improve accommodation. This loan is targeted to economically active poor, micro-, small-, and medium-entrepreneurs who can present legal collateral. The loan amount varies from KHR100,000/ USD 100/ THB 1,000 to KHR40,000,000/ USD 70,000/ THB 310,000 (loans from over USD 20,000 to USD 70,000 target small and medium enterprises or business expansion) with a maximum loan term of 48 months. The repayment methods include balloon payment, semi balloon payment, decline payment, equal monthly installment, and monthly interest & flexible principal payment. Interest is calculated by using a declining balance repayment schedule.

2).To contribute to skill development of our youth and since Jan 2017 and with support from partners: POWER ON GROUP AND FEDERTION OF ASEAN SCHOLARS' ASSOCIATION (FASA) has launched a new product called "Education Loan" with purpose to provide financial assistance to pay tuition fees and non-tuition expenses for academic or vocational training students so that they can get specific skill for their future career. With our education loan and strong commitment of students, we believe that their dream of skill development and preferred career will come true. For sure, support from our partners in the product development process, we hope that the student will enjoy benefits of this loan and help them to continue their education smoothly.

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