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Public on June 01, 2016
POIC as a profestional leading consulting in Cambodia such as:
1) M & A Advisory
2) Business Development Advisory
3) Principle Investment
4) Law FirM
5) Tax and Advisory Service
6) The Leading Advisor Business Strategy
7) Land Sales and Rental Factories
Professional Advosory:
1. Certificate of Commercial Registration
2. Declaration on the Establish of Factories
3. License for Open Mining Hole and Quarry, and Other
4. Construction Permit
5. Tourism License
6. License for Cargo & Pasenger Transport Business
7. Trade Permit for Agricultural Material (AMS)
8. Import Permit of Agricultural Material
9. Registration for ualified Investment Project (QIP)

For more information please contact via email:poic@poweron-group.com or (855) 66 888 178
Public on May 11, 2018
Million Billion Group (Lao) LTD.
"The Best All"

Greated in 2017, Million Billion's a leading imported of Cosmetic, Perfume, Food & Beverages to Lao (PDR).
At Million Billion Group, we are passionate about Cosmetic, Perfume, Food & Beverages, which is why we are committed to sourcing, stocking and supplying with integrity and serving our community with premium quality goods.
Million Billion Group offers complet import/export brockerage services, including:
1) Sourcing - importing
2) Stocking/ Warehousing
3) Supplying
4) Distribution & delivery
5) Marketing

Please contact us for more details via email: jew@poweron-group.com

Public on February 25, 2016
Power On Logistics Ltd as Leading Logistics Provider in Cambodia and Asia. And our services cover seamlessly the whole range of the supply chain.

As CLMV countries (Cambodia, People's Democratics Republic of Loas, Myanmar, And Vietnam) have been rapidly advancing over the years, these country are now demanding better logistics management with thre Great Mekong Sub region that's more in-line with their growth. for those country the importing, exporting, and cross-border transportation to emerging markets is still highly challenging due to insufficient infrastructure development, especially when it comes to an end-to-end transportation. However, throught the vision and understanding of industrial logistics needs, Power on Logistics is driving forward as a leading logistics service provider that is helping to innovate the ways in which they provide services their clients, with the right solution in well-rounded organization. 

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